A rapidly changing society requires new knowledge and skills. Many of these skills are included in the 21st century skills. The HUB-Lab workshops are in line with these 21st century skills.

For every workshop, various subjects can be combined on request. We can put together a tailor-made program that matches your educational needs. Contact us about the possibilities!


Become aquainted with HUB-Lab tools such as Virtual Reality, various robots and a Prowise touch table.

Robots/programming (1)

Control your own basic Robot such as a Bee-bot, Ozobot en Dash & Dot.

Robots/programming (2)

Learn to program a robot, discover the basics of a programming language and learn to control an Ozobot, Micro: bit or Makey Makey.

Mindstorms Lego EV3

Build your own robot and write a program to control it using EV3.

Experience Virtual Reality

Experience a VR environment through VR glasses; various models and apps are available. With the HTC Vive you can also interact in the virtual world.

Create your own Virtual Reality

With the 360 ​​degree camera you learn to create VR (photos and videos) and how you can include this in the TeachVR learning environment.

Create your own 3D model

Discover the possibilities of 3D pens and create your own object.

Escape game digital tools

The Teaching Toolbox XL offers a large variety of educational tools. In our Escape game you learn to work with various tools about quizzes, collaboration and problem solving.

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