Online Tools – Teaching Toolbox XL

Do you want to gain access to a wide range of learning tools and lesson ideas? Use the Teaching Toolbox XL

You can search by category, such as quiz tools, games, and programming, or search for a specific tool that you already had in mind. In the Toolbox you will also find user experiences from teachers who can act as ambassadors for a certain tool.

Lesson ideas are examples of good practices. They offer inspiration and show how a tool can be used in (educational) practice.  It is also possible to add and share your own lesson idea.

The Tools in the Teaching Toolbox XL are divided into:

  • Safe use
  • Limited use: be careful when using these apps. The HU does not have a license, so you cannot oblige students to use this app.
  • Do not use: these apps are not safe to use by the HU and may even be prohibited. Please use another app.

You can read more about the use of tools and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here.

Colophon & Disclaimer

The Teaching Toolbox XL is a product developed by the HUB-Lab (HU Library) in collaboration with Shareworks (2018). Unless stated otherwise, texts in the Teaching Toolbox XL are copyrighted by Hogeschool Utrecht. That material may be freely reused under creative commons license BY SA NC. Rights to all other material lie with the original creator and permission must be requested for reuse. The HU has not yet been able to check the state of the privacy policy of all tools. Using the tool is our own responsibility. Before use, please read the privacy statement. When in doubt, please consult your institute’s privacy officer, service or knowledge centre. This can also be done via the privacy desk:
To use additional functionalities such as notification, storage, etc, you can create a personal account for many online tools. In the privacy statement you find information about the purpose of processing your data, the management process and who has access to it. Here you also find information about how the organization’s tool protects your rights regarding inspection, rectification and removal.

It is your own responsibility whether you share your personal data with the online tool.

When in doubt or if you have any questions, please consult your institute’s privacy officer, service or knowledge centre.

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