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New at the HUB-Lab: Hopspots

Hopspots are coloured interactive rings that you place on the floor where you can stand or jump. You can play memory, take a quiz or solve a puzzle. Here you move and you can work together. Choose from ready-made games, or design your own game via the app. You use sound, light, text and movement to make your game interactive. This way you can actively work with your own teaching material.

Hopspots combines movement with practicing multiple skills such as cognition and memory. For example, you learn a language, practice with history, geography or create your own game. This makes the learning process not only active, but also fun and motivating.

It is originally a Danish product that is already used in many different places, especially in primary schools, but also in nursing homes.

Ready for some exercise? Then come and try out the Hopspots at the HUB-Lab. We are happy to discuss all the options with you.

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