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The HUB-Lab offers a wide range of innovative resources and technologies to use in educational practice. Here you find an overview of all our resources. Extensive information and applications can be found on our Canvas-page (page is in Dutch).

The HUB-Lab lends materials and access to platforms to HU employees and students. For more information, please send an email to


A rapidly changing society requires matching knowledge and skills. Many of these skills are described under the heading of 21st century or cross-curricular skills. The HUB-Lab workshops are in line with the 21st century skills. (page is in Dutch)
The HU Library has developed a framework for learning objectives to embed in the curriculum.

Together with the applicant(s), we put together a customized workshop. To get an idea of new innovative resources and technologies that can be used, we offer a carousel. Here you become acquainted with various tools such as robots, (easy) programming and possibilities in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Other options are taking part in an in-depth workshop on a specific theme or working with 3D pens, the Digi board Prowise or doing an Escape game. Our workshops are hands-on, practical and suitable for both students and teachers.
Please contact us about the possibilities.

Our Resources

The HUB-Lab offers various (social) robots ranging from simple to advanced.
Easy to operate robots such as the Bee Bots and Ozobots to the NAO and Alpha Mini robots that can be programmed with the Platform Robots in the classroom or healhcare
or with a more advanced programming language.

We offer several 3D scanners.

We also offer various VR glasses, from easy and usable with a phone, to more advanced models such as Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive.

The HUB-Lab has access to various AR apps, possibly in combination with Merge Cubes. Pro accounts of the Cospaces and Fectar platforms are also available.

The HUB-Lab offers various tools for learning how to program, such as the Microbit, Makey Makey and Arduino. You can use Lego Mindstorms for programming with motors and sensors.

Online game and gamification

The HUB-Lab also offers an online escape game. You can go through this individually in about 45 minutes.

Prowise is a touchscreen which you can use for creating educational and interactive lessons or presentations. You can create quizzes and mind maps with the tools offered. If you use the screen horizontally, you can also play all kinds of educational games.

We also have access to various platforms (such as Cospaces and Fectar) and materials with which you can develop your own interactive games (such as the Hopspots).

Here you find an overview of all our materials.

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