Quoting sources

The sources you use in your text must be quoted correctly. At the HU, sources must be quoted according to APA guidelines.

APA referencing

In your research and with every paper you write for your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you consult information sources.
In your text you have to refer correctly to the sources you use to support your findings.

As an aid in correct citation and paraphrasing, the American Psychological Association published rules on how references should be made. Unless you are informed to use an other reference style,  bachelor’s and master’s at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences use  APA guidelines (7th edition).

Tools explaining APA guidelines (7th edition) can be found at Project APA7 – YouTube and APA guidelines – APA guidelines (7th) – Hanze Library Guides at Hanze University of Applied Sciences-Hanzehogeschool

Other styles

In case you are instructed to use another citations style and you need help, you can contact the information specialist of your institution.

Other citation styles:

– ACS (American Chemical Society)
– Vancouver
– Leidraad voor juridische auteurs
– MLA (Modern Language Association of America)
– IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Reference tools

Reference tools help you organize and save your articles. They help you make intext citations en bibliographies too. No matter which tool you use, please check whether the output the tool generates is according to de APA guidelines!

You can use one of the large reference tools RefWorks is licensed by the HU. Other tools are freely accessible on the internet.


You create your own online bibliography by importing bibliographic data from catalogs and databases. It is also possible to share your references online with other RefWorks users. With this online bibliography you can add in-text citations and bibliographies in the papers your write. More information can be found in the RefWorks User Guide.

APA in MS Office Word

Working in Word and want to quote your sources correctly? Word offers you the option to do this automatically. Unfortunately Word only supports the 6th edition of the APA guidelines. The main differences between the 7th and 6th editions can be found here.

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