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Interlibrary loan

Requesting books and articles from other libraries.

Are you looking for an article or book which is not available in the HU Library collection? You can put in a request from other library collections via Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Requesting books and articles is free of charge for (temporary) HU employees. Other borrowers pay € 6,50 for an article and € 7,50 for a book.
The costs of an interlibrary request from a library abroad are €17.

Please send your request to IBL@hu.nl.

Please note: due to Corona measures, it is not possible to put in a book request at this time. Your request will be canceled. If you still need the book after April 6, we ask you to put in a new request.

It is however still possible to put in online article requests. Until the library opens again, requesting online articles from other libraries is now also free for students.

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