The holidays are barely over and the exam period is already coming up. That means spending long days hunched over your laptop or study books again. To get you through these tough times we thought of a way to help you boost your concentration in style!

Instrumental music is proven to improve your concentration level and make you stay focused for a longer period of time. So we’re inviting local artists into section C of the HU Library to provide instrumental music while you study. This event takes place during the silent period of the HU Library but… we have thought of a solution! We’ll provide everyone with silent disco headphones that will channel the live music from three different performers throughout the day. Let’s  get you in the zone and make those exams feel like a walk in the park!

To complete the perfect study atmosphere, we will provide free tea, coffee, and snacks. Drop by and be ready to study like you have never before.

The line up

9:30-11:30 – Daniël Tomás
12:00-14:30 – XA4
15:00-17:00 – DJ Poodle

About Study Sounds

Study Sounds is a coproduction by Podium and the HU Library to create the ultimate study environment. Young and talented local artist will perform live instrumental music inside section C of the library to help you keep your focus and break out of your study slump. Get to know different genres of music and enjoy some drinks and snacks while you work through your study material in preparation of your exams.

Read more about the artists and the accessibility of the space.

– Illustration by Eline Veldhuisen 

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