Starting your research

What do you need to prepare and plan in order to participate in a research project?

Research funding

You want to participate in a research project or do research yourself. How do you organise the needed financial resources?

Would you like more information on the internal resources voucher scheme for PhD research and the postdoctoral facility? Please contact HRD (link).

You can consult the HU Grant Office for external financial resources. They inform you on:

  • Advice on grants: is there a match between your research idea and the call?
  • Review on your grant application
  • Support with the administrative process
  • Deadlines: consult the grant calendar for upcoming calls

Project management

For a clear overview of your research, it is wise to register all matters surrounding the project, for yourself and the others in the research group. This mainly concerns administrative data such as the time schedule, the budget and who is involved.




Data management plan

By constructing a data management plan (DMP), you create the conditions for good data management. In a DMP you describe which data you will collect, how you save this data and what happens to the data after the research project. During the preparation of a data management plan you pay attention to all aspects related to the management of research data. By doing this at an early stage, you reduce the chance of any surprises. On application, most grant providers require a data management plan.

You can always modify your plan along the way.

Code of conduct and research integrity

According to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity research must be conducted fairly, carefully, transparently, independently and responsibly. This code of conduct applies to all research conducted at universities and universities of applied sciences. It contains specific guidelines for researchers.


Publishing open access

Open access is a broad international academic movement that seeks free and open online access to academic information, such as publications and data.

You can publish open access via the green or the golden route. Via the green route, universities  publish scientific work via repositories. Via the golden route, publishers put the the scientific articles online. The author pays for publication, the readers have free access.

Journals may be fully open access, such as the PLOS-ONE titles. But there are also journals that publish part of the articles open access and the other articles the traditional way, the so-called hybrid magazines.

Training, methodology and pre promotion

As a HU researcher you can consult the research group for Methodology of Practice-Based Research (MPO) on:

  • how to combine practical relevance and methodological rigour in applied research
  • how to design applied research in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, particularly regarding the curriculum and supervision
  • assessment tools for assessing the research skills of students, lecturers, researchers and those active in professional practice.

The research group provides introductions, gives workshops, conducts training and develops useful products relating to the above themes.

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