Literature research

You can contact the information specialists for support with your literature research.

Support with literature research

For the quality of your research, it is important to make an inventory of the current state of affairs of your research topic. Therefore, being able to do transparent and verifiable literature research is a must.

The information specialists help you with:

  • Constructing an effective search strategy
  • Creating a logical combination of keywords with the help of Boolean operators and filters.
  • Finding relevant information sources for your research
  • Justifying your choices for verifiability
  • Managing literature, paying attention to source references, selection and reference tools.

You can consult the following information specialists.

Information sources for researchers

A large number of  information sources are available via the HU Library. The information specialists offer advice on which sources are the most relevant for your research.

Full text articles

The HU Library is subscribed to more than 20,000 scientific and professional journals. If you consult the databases via the HU Library website, the database usually provides a direct link to the full text article.


Searching efficiently: useful software

You can easily manage you literature using reference tools.

The IT department provides an up-to-date overview of software available to researchers.

Information about a particular research software can be provided to the functional manager (see overview).

You can request new research software via: Request research software

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