About the Library

Accessibility HU Library during COVID

Due to the Corona measures, access to the library is currently very limited.

Opening hours and contact

This information can be found on the opening hours and contact page.

Study spots

Study spots in the libraries and at location Domstad are only available for HU students and must be reserved in advance.
Please note: no further services are provided at the Domstad location.
You check in at the library desk via a QR code. Your reservations will expire if you do not check in within one hour after the starting time of your reservation. Click here for more information.


Borrow / return

You can return your items by depositing these in the return box at the the entrance of the HU libraries in Utrecht and Amersfoort. Borrowing books is only allowed with the use of a shopping basket.


Request articles from other libraries

It is possible to request materials from other libraries. This service is free of charge till September 8, 2021. See here for more information

Information specialists

If you need help finding relevant information, you can contact the information specialists by email.
Researchers who need help with their research, mail to research support.


The HUB-Lab does not have an open entrance, please contact hublab@hu.nl to make an appointment.

Teams such as ILL and copyrights, will also remain available by email.

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