Please note: stricter rules for visiting the library

Due to the Covid measures, visiting the library is only allowed under certain conditions.

Study spots
Library study spots in Utrecht and Amersfoort are only available for HU students and need to be reserved in advance.
On week days, the library has two entrances. You can reach the study spots in area C via PL101. All the other study spots are available via Pl99.
Check in at the library desk with a QR-code. You will be checked.
Please check in within 1 hour after the starting time otherwise you reservation will be cancelled.

Borrow/return items
You may borrow and return items via the self service at the HU libraries.  Please reserve the items in advance if you want to borrow items.
Location Utrecht: It is not allowed to enter the library to browse the book shelves and borrow without reserving a study spot. Please go to the library desk if you need to borrow items.
Location Amersfoort: It is allowed to come and borrow items, please take a basket.

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