Global facts identified by comparing what people think against the official statistics.

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Millions of citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE and more.

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Ebook Central

E-books for Economy & Management; Education; Healthcare; History; Linguistics; Journalism; Sociology; Science & Technology.

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Web of Science

Abstracts and citations from high impact journals in the fields of sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

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Science Direct

Scientific journals in the field of physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences.

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Millions of abstracts in the field of psychology, behavioral science and mental health.

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Dutch database with Dutch legislation and regulations, including case law, commentaries and professional literature.

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HBO Kennisbank

Publications by professors, researchers and students of Hogeschool Utrecht and other Dutch universities of applied science.

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Dutch platform for compiling drama lessons in primary education. (Choose 'Inloggen met SurfConext')

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Dutch information on youth health care, youth care, pedagogical care and educational disciplines.

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Image resource in a wide array of subjects such as art, architecture, design and photography.

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